Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 12th | 5 – 8 pm

    May 13 – 17 | 2 Rivington Street | New York | NY 10002
    Wed - Sat 12 pm - 6 pm | Sun 12 pm - 4 pm

    We are proud to present new works by Austrian conceptual artist Anneliese Schrenk in New York. The exhibition will feature installations of Schrenk’s process-based paintings and sculptural pieces. Thematically and technically, her practice investigates the phenomenon of skin as a connector and delimiter between all beings, space and things.
    Schrenk primarily works with thick, tanned cowhide called “Dry Cruft,” on which the scars, swelling and meridians of a living body are still subtly apparent. Factories often discard these types of hides due to their many natural features and processing errors made during manufacturing. As a result, imperfections like lines, furrows, scratches, and holes are recurring motifs in Schrenk’s work.

    The works in The Space Between challenge conventions of material and form. Schrenk stretches the leather hides like canvases for painting, and the naturally occurring marks and discolorations resemble gestural abstract brushstrokes. However, the thickness and texture of the leather visually translates as sculpture. A strong ambiguity also appears in the cut leather pieces: stretched through space, they blur the boundaries between expansive installations and three-dimensional drawings.

    The artist then manipulates the hides with water, heat, acid and shoe polish, thus adding purposeful marks to their original surfaces. She sands, cuts or folds and crumples hides while they are wet so that they dry and harden into layers. In addition, she applies treatments to her works on paper so that they have the effect of leather. Her manipulation of the leather hides can border on violence, yet the result is always controlled and formal.

    Schrenk places heavy emphasis on materiality, yet her works remain on the threshold between object and abstract gesture. Her work engages the viewer on multiple sensory levels and is literally and evocative of the physical body.

    Anneliese Schrenk (*1974 in Vienna) holds a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna as an alumna of Gunter Damisch and Veronika Dirnhofer. She lives and works in Vienna.

    installation view, photo: Kris Graves

    maybe, 2015, reworked leather, © Anneliese Schrenk

    installation view, photo: Kris Graves

    Umarbeiter (orange-grau), 2014, reworked leather, photo: Uwe Walter

    trip, 2015, reworked leather, © Anneliese Schrenk

    installation view, photo: Kris Graves

    yellow painting large, 2014, reworked leather, © Anneliese Schrenk
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