APRIL 28 – 30, 2017

    Expanded opening hours:

    Fri 6 – 9 pm | Sat – Sun 11 am – 7 pm

    Gipsstraße 11 | 10119 Berlin
    We are delighted to present artworks by Adrian Falkner and Stefan Strumbel.
    Adrian Falkner has achieved worldwide recognition under his writer name SMASH137. His graffiti style is characterized by curved lines and open areas, that blend smoothly into one another, along with striking colours. As one of the pioneers, he developed the technique of “cracking“, where a spray can is pierced forcing the colour to be expelled uncontrolledly. This dynamic process determines a new rhythm of colours, shapes and forms. Turning away from traditional schemes is also inherent to his paintings. He is concerned with transferring the intensity of graffiti to the canvas without being constricted by its rules.

    The interplay between masterly technique and the freedom of lines forms the framework for his colour choreographies, which are complemented by the specific qualities of the spray can to creating: the floating lightness, with which it touches the canvas, and the distinct texture of its lines. Additionally, he uses acrylic, ink and oil crayon, to bring movement into his painterly ductus and create a surface rich in contrast. Thus Falkner succeeds to convey the dynamics of writing into multi-layered compositions which directs his painting into the present-day.

    The aluminium objects and bronze sculptures on display mark a new direction in the creative process by Stefan Strumbel. The artist is well-known for his colourful cuckoo clock sculptures and vibrant paintings, which are characterized by a provocative alienation of traditional attributes or subjects from Pop Art and everyday culture. His œuvre questions the notion of “Heimat“, which could be roughly translated to “home“ – a metaphor for experiences of socialization and for the establishment of identity. In his current work, he has developed his leitmotif towards a more universal language. By incorporating bronze and aluminium in his practice, he reduces the range of colors to monochrome compositions, that receive their colors from patinating the surfaces. The objects on view resemble packaged canvases and sculptures. The bubble wrap and tape cast in aluminium and bronze deny access to the expected content: In reference to Marcel Duchamp‘s concept of the Readymade, Strumbel turns simple packaging into a fetish object. As an objet trouvé from a gallery or museum’s day-to-day routine, these works can also be considered a critical reflection on today‘s art market.

    The weather-resistent materials allow the artist to reenter the public space. Recent projects include the installation “Verstehen ist das Gefühl von Heimat“ (2016) of two monumental fir cones in the Black Forest, as well as the large sculpture “Das kalte Herz“ (2015) in the Oberhofenpark in Göppingen.
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