Conflict & Interest, 2014, neon and broken mirror glass, photo: Uwe Walter



    Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg presents the solo exhibition “Nothing is what it seems“ by American artist Olivia Steele.
    A selection of photographs as well as her most recent neon works will be shown – a range from small to large installations that employ the traditional commercial medium of neon glass to make intimate statements, representing a profound involvement with the unpredictability of life. The juxtaposition of the neon statement and the environment is placed in challenging conventional semiotics and evokes a wide range of interpretations. In dialogue with media such as facades, rivers, photographs and found objects, she tells short stories that provoke thought while enlightening the scenery with elaborate handwritings in neon glass.

    Artist statement:
    “Life has a way of showing us what really matters. It is through these taxing and exalting experiences that life has shown me that Nothing is what it seems. It is safe to say that the only thing I can be sure of is that you can be sure of nothing. This period of my life is defined by transformation: an exhaustive transformation of the body, mind and soul. After running around the world and back in search of solutions and adventure, I returned with only more questions. The wisdom I gained from such an endeavor proved that "control" is just an illusion. The more I tried to control things - the more clear this became. This epiphany paved the way for a less commercial and more spiritual path that would lead me inside nature and inside myself. The fact remains that all the answers are inside of us.
    If my mind is a universe, and my body is a temple, my mission is to communicate and my art is a vehicle to channel directly from above and from below. I always say: Keep God close, but keep the Devil closer. I am at service to something greater than any word can describe. The exhibition “Nothing is what it seems” is a delicate collection of reoccurring sentiments that have presented themselves in this period of transformation. This show includes unique photographs of installations from the recent filming of “Out of The Wild”- a short film telling a story of mother, nature, and life after death.  Let it pay tribute to the priceless lessons learned and to the many precious things I had to let go of.  As I continue to play life’s video game the levels keep getting harder, my heart gets softer and my connection to the universe grows stronger. Within this darkness I become the light and the neon is my vessel.”

     – Olivia Steele –

    Nothing Is What It Seems, installation view, 2014

    No Such Thing As Coincidence, 2014, photo: Uwe Walter

    If Time Is Money I Have No Time, 2014, photo: Uwe Walter

    Control, 2014, photo: Uwe Walter


    Wish You Were Here, 2013, photo: Uwe Walter

    Olivia Steele, photo: Muriel Liebmann for 81 hours

    All images © Circle Culture Gallery
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