Olivia Steele

Series: 3 + 2AP Future Memories We are living in the most interesting times. This artwork is installed in light of a certain substantial cosmic shift that is to take place on or around September 28 with an episode of solar eruptions. Earth moves in a region of the galaxy, which leads to increased cosmic energies significantly affecting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted that this will lead to many changes in human society, including the major discoveries of advanced technology, the secret space program and extraterrestrial life. This shift will mark a significant change in frequency and consciousness. Cosmic energy will trigger a wave of evolution. Questions like “who are we?”” Why are we here ? and the magic of things and human nature will more apparent. Like the space shuttle taking off into the open sphere , Earth and mankind will make a leap in evolution, in an incredible way, creating a very interesting palette of future memories in terms of potential and access. This installation is a reflection of the anticipation and mystery of what we’re going through as a race. The content of our memories in the future will be a stark contrast to anything we are accustomed to these days. WELCOME TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION. LOOK FORWARD TO THE FUTURE MEMORIES.”