Édouard Nardon


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Edouard Nardon’s work is a cryptic mystery that is to be deciphered between the connections of the various gestures structuring the progression of the works.

In both his paintings and his installations, the symbols used fluctuate between forms capable of summoning a superior reality and inviting the viewer to decrypt: first to intended to create impressions – especially through the harmony of forms and colors deployed on his canvases and in his scultptures; a concern for rigor condones the viewer to look for an unprecedented language. Édouard tints his works with metaphysical intentions, mysteries, perhaps mysticism, often bare of any space and time references, stemming rather from his personal history, as well as cinematographic, literary and musical references that he likes and lives with every day. The timelessness and improbability of the shapes are the medium through which the artist chose to express himself and his ideas. To understand Édouard’s body of work, we can’t only rely on his style, we have to get to know the man behind the paintings, what characterizes him, his life, while trying to decipher the complex notions the artist allows us to see in his productions.

One could qualify Édouard’s work as alchemical, using an elaborate symbolical language that only adepts can understand. He often associates a tangible image to an abstraction; he manifests the idea into an image, and creates suggestive analogies. He is at the opposite of fake sensibility, as he is not interested in the objective description. His approach is first and foremost a spiritual conception of the world, and he creates his own tools of expression to transcend the realist representation.

The artist uses an imagery and analogies to evoke his beliefs, disclose his states of mind and his abstract ideas, without explanation, far from the logical thinking that exploits reality’s data way too easily.

Édouard tries to unlock certain mysteries; his works offer us the possibility to grasp a hidden reality, to establish a contact between the visible and invisible worlds.

text written by Leo Chesneau and translated by Alexandre Stipanovich