Circle Culture Gallery was founded in 2001 by Dirk Staudinger as the cultural project space “Cc:room”. You can find the gallery both in Berlin Mitte, directly at the culturally renowned “Gipsdreieck” and in the Generalsviertel in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel.

The gallery is characterized, among other things, by its diverse range of artists and perspectives. From internationally recognized names such as Julian Schnabel, Corita Kent, Arno Rink and Hermann Nitsch, to young emerging artists. The gallery presents a carefully curated selection of talent spanning a variety of disciplines. Through solo exhibitions, group shows, and special projects, Circle Culture provides a platform for artists to express their unique visions, challenge socially relevant issues, and engage audiences on a fresh and aesthetic level.

This mix of the zeitgeist and culture has characterized the gallery program since its inception. Owner Dirk Staudinger conducts opinion and futurology research within his global-thinkers network and repeatedly transfers his experiences to the art world. This reference is then implemented on a curational level.

Through this combination, one finds both street and urban art by artists such as XOOOX and Banksy, as well as the elaborate installations made of sustainable natural fibers by Beatriz Morales or the very „Heimat” related works of German artists Lennart Grau and Stefan Strumbel at Circle Culture. Every development of the zeitgeist is represented and strategically pursued.



Learn more about our other service: Circle Culture Art Collaborations 

Circle Culture Art Collaborations couples brands, corporations and institutions of all kind with artists to infuse these organisations with the arts´creative power, non-linear thinking and outside perspective.



Circle Culture Gallery Berlin

Gipsstraße 11

10119 Berlin, Germany

Lilith Jandrig (Gallery Manager Berlin):

Opening Hours: By appointment only

Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg

Bismarckstraße 98
20253 Hamburg, Germany

+49 (0) 40 389 070 00

Ana Horta (Director):

Opening Hours: By appointment only


Please contact us if you want to collaborate for pop ups, exhibitions, showrooms or events.

We do not accept unsolicited artist submissions. 

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