Geoff McFetridge


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Geoff McFetridge was schooled at the Alberta College of Art and the California Institute of the Arts. Instinctively ignoring creative boundaries McFetridge is a truely multidisciplinary artist, ‘an all round visual auteur’. From poetry to animation, from graphics to 3D work, from textile and wallpaper to paintings, McFetridge has complete control over these widely divergent disciplines. Understatement is central to the impact of his work, inviting participation. It gets through the filters by offering the viewer an opportunity to play with a puzzle for a moment, a puzzle that doesn’t have one simple answer. Often imitated, but never equalled. In the past ten years, McFetridge has created in his work and in his commissions a unique imagery, which is detailed and abstract at the same time. Full of hands and teeth, objects and animals, hands and heads.

McFetridge won public acclaim when he was still a student winning awards from the Art Directors Club and ID magazine for his thesis project „Chinatown”. For two years, he was art director of the famous underground Beastie Boys magazine Grand Royal. Since then he has started the design studio Champion Graphics which has done pojects for numerous clients ranging from Nike, Pepsi, Stüssy, Burton Snowboards, Girl Skateboards and Patagonia. He made clips for Plaid, Simian, and recently also for The Whitest Boy Alive, and he created film title sequences for The Virgin Suicides and Adaptation.

McFetridge (*1971 in Calgary, Canada) lives and works in Los Angeles.