Iryna Maksymova


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I am a Ukrainian figurative artist talking about things that touch me personally.

I was born and raised in a small town in the western part of Ukraine called Kolomyia. In 2013 graduated from the graphic design department of Lviv Polytechnic National University. I began my artistic journey in 2020 with my first solo show in Lviv. Since that time I participated in various group shows in Ukraine and around the world including New York (2022), London (2022), Madrid (2022), Beijing (2022), Los Angeles (2021), Golden Coast (2021), Berlin (2021).  

Upcoming shows in 2022 include  «UPRISING » group show (Schloss Goerne), Kristin Hjellegjerde gallery solo show (London),  Circle Culture solo show (Berlin)

With my figurative and naive artworks I give an innocent and easy voice to the world problems that touch me personally. I am exploring woman body as both feminine and masculine, empowering equality and interconnection as well as constantly seeking and developing the way to add traditional Ukrainian motifs in a fresh new visual forms and cultivating Ukrainian primitivism art. 

Currently living in Lviv, Ukraine.




“Pieces”, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (UK)

“Pieces”, Svitlo, Lviv (UA)

ENTER art fair , Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Copenhagen (DK)

Art Busan, HOFA Gallery, Busan (KR)

Ukrainian Dream, We & The World Zozytskyi Charity Foundation, London (UK)

Dallas Art Fair, Sapar Contemporary, Dallas (USA)

“NEWDREAM WORLD”,Sapar Contemporary, New York (USA)

Art Central Art Fair, HOFA Gallery, Hong Kong (CN)

“Everywhere I look I see your eyes”, Casa Studio Granados, Barcelona (ES)


“Kalyna”, Dzyga, Lviv, Ukraine

“She will win”, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin (GER)

“Kalyna”, Kristin Hjellegjerde Galler, London (UK)

” Untitled Art Fair”, Miami (USA)

“Odesia”, Contemporary Cluster Art, Rome (IT)

“NADA”, Miami (USA)

“Women and other wild creatures: matrilineal tales”, Sapar Contemporary”, New York (USA)

“The horses”, Galeria Herrero De Tejada, Madrid (ESP)

“The Flow”, Fir Gallery”, Beijing (CN)

“Paper”, Beer Gallery, London UK


“Big opening”, Studio, Lviv (UA)

“Explosion”, Fest Republic, Lviv (UA)

“Back to School”, Shit Art Club, Los Angeles (USA)