Johnny Abrahams


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Johnny Abrahams’ works explore the illusory nature of repetition. His Op Art related vibrant paintings are based on a fixed process: Beginning with the division of space into increasingly intricate geometries, the American painter forms a progressively finer language of elements. By replicating and overlaying the initial visual language, he generates a pattern of interference, a composition of artifacts and secondary images, which becomes the subject of his paintings. Even though the process is always the same, there is not a fixed outcome, as the introduction of many human errors become amplified through repetition and generate unanticipated consequence. In this way the work attempts to represent the idea that repetition does not exist, that even if something in every technical sense is identical, the mind perceives that it changes from moment to moment. Abrahams’ works thus address the notion that beyond mechanics and materials, beyond composition and context, it is the mind that constitutes the perception of these elements.

Johnny Abrahams (*1979 in Tacoma, Washington) lives and works in New York.