“Though I work in many mediums, including photography and film, I still very much consider myself a painter. I began painting disused suitcases, guitars, lamps, chairs and other objects because I have always found an inherent beauty in things that society has discarded. In fact, to me, the canvas has always seemed a somewhat pretentious gesture. I love the dimensionality of things, which is why I call my works “object paintings”. The different sides of an object reflect the different sides of life and all work in tandem to create the masterpiece that is existence. The works are all very personal to me, they illustrate my highest ideals and illuminate the darkest areas of my soul. Each piece contains a very specific narrative. There are no accidents here. Even though at times my works may seem masked behind a façade of filigree, the messages are in fact quite direct. They tell the stories of man’s search for his soul, the eternal re-definition of character, and a constant search for love.”

-Aaron Rose