André loves Berlin.

From March 20th to April 31st, 2006 André Saraiva , the “enfant terrible” of the Paris creative scene, shows his art in Berlin as part of the Exhibition “André loves Berlin.”. The Paris-based artist inspires the world with the loving, naively ironic style of his graphics and graffiti. Already celebrated in Japan and France as a living legend of the art scene, he is now coming to Germany for the first time.

Even in his early youth, André made a name for himself. He is the spiritual father of “Mr. A”, a comic character who is inextricably linked to the Parisian graffiti scene and has developed into an absolute cult in recent years. He prefers to create his color walls wearing a black suit and carrying a briefcase. According to André, when they see an investment banker, no one suspects that they are witnessing an “illegal” artist activity.

André’s other projects quickly arouse great enthusiasm in the fashion world. Top-class trend magazines such as French Vogue, Elle, Jalouse and Selfservice report on the scene star and make him and his works accessible to a wide audience.

One of these projects is “Love Graffiti,” which he worked on from 1997 to 2003: André accepted orders from people in love and spray-painted the name of their partner on their doorstep.

The creative potential of “Monsieur André” seems to be almost inexhaustible. He designed the interior design for the restaurant in the “Palais de Tokyo”, the Paris Museum of Contemporary Art and, together with a friend, established the “La Johnson” party series, notorious for to be visited by the most beautiful Parisian women. Not to be forgotten is Andrés Insider nightclub “Le Baron”, where the Parisian creative and fashion scene celebrates the nights with guests like Sofia Coppola and Kate Moss.