Solo Show of XOOOOX at stilwerk Hamburg.

With their ambivalent black-and-white aesthetic the Ghosts (Spiegelberger Stiftung Editionion), first shown as a series in the exhibition “OH OH OK OK” at Stilwerk Hamburg in 2010, recall pop art and comics. The young women already encountered on the street here appear on treated copper plates. Like worn urban surfaces, this agitated backdrop is preferred by XOOOOX. His most recent works again feature fashion models. What remains in their depiction is the form of the sprayed stencil on visual supports of various material that are accidentally found in urban space.

As in the cooper plates, the background is highly agitated due to the paint smears: the previously clear contours of the figures are now dissolved. The main colors used by XOOOOX, black and white, take on an autonomy between the medium and the reproduced fashion photograph, and provoke the beholder’s desire to see. Our desire coded by advertising and the fashion world is refracted by the schematic appearances of the young women. Beauty will come: XOOOOX invites us to look for it. Enjoy!