Water: Wave, Resonance and Flow. A talk with Fabian Piorkowsky

Water: Wave, resonance and flow
A talk with herbalist, biochemist and shamanic plant healer Fabian Piorkowsky

March 28 | 7 pm

In the context of the installation Arts & Nature Social Club, we invite you to an evening with Fabian Piorkowsky.

“Nature is an incredible teacher and each aspect, each element and each manifestation offers a multitude of insights if we open ourselves up to receive them. Water can teach us flow and resonance and offers deep insights into the hermetic principles that guide our universe.”

Fabian is an alchemist in the true sense of the word and is using his broad multidisciplinary education and studies to provide a holistic philosophical approach to transformation of consciousness. His diverse background includes studying chemistry, physics, physiology, Ayurvedic medicine, Kabbalah, Buddhism, the Vedas, training with multiple shamanic lineages and dietas with dozens of indigenous healing plants.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A.

Places are limited, so please make sure to confirm your attendance.