Project Snapshot Cc Art Collaborations

Idea, recruitment & conception of the talk “Cross Cultural Entrepreneurship”

With our branch Cc Art Collaborations we approached Miracle Music and the founder of the OMR, Philipp Westermeyer to conduct a talk with two outstanding, creative multi-talents that are highly respected and successful in both the artistic and commercial worlds.

Daniel Arsham is one of the most-watched contemporary artists, exhibiting in global museums and biennales such as the New Museum and MoMA PS1 in New York, HOW Museum in Shanghai, and the Athens Biennale in Athens. In addition, he collaborates with brands (such as Nike, Porsche, and Tiffany) and icons such as Pharrell Williams and Lewis Hamilton on a level unseen before, and recently launched his own lifestyle brand, Objects IV Life.

Ronnie Fieg is the most talked-about lifestyle entrepreneur, shaping the market with his brand “Kith”, with a unique, unseen signature, as well as realizing inspiring collaborations with the American Museum of Natural History, BMW, Nike, Scrabble, and Coca-Cola. Furthermore, he recently launched a limited-edition sneaker collaborating with both Clarks and Adidas simultaneously.  

They bring the concept of cross-cultural collaborations with brands from various businesses and cultural backgrounds to a new, unique level. They are not only the creators and makers of their own brands but also serve as creative directors for respected NBA teams (Ronnie Fieg for the New York Knicks and Daniel Arsham for the Cleveland Cavaliers), ultimately redefining and reshaping the traditional understanding of the term or profession of being an artist or lifestyle entrepreneur.”

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