Tom Jean Webb at the Royal College of Arts

Tom Jean Webb joining the Masters Painting programme at the Royal College of Arts in London.

Tom Jean Webb is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1982 in London and currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.
Webb attended Kingston University in London where he was able to experiment with different mediums followed by First Degree Honors in 2007.
Webb has exhibited solo shows in various galleries around the world including Ivester Contemporary in Austin, Texas; Circle Culture Gallery in Hamburg, Germany; and The Old Bank Vault in London, England. He also participated in group exhibitions in galleries such as Preacher Gallery in Austin, Texas, and C Waters Gallery in Creede, Colorado.
His upcoming solo exhibition at Brooke Bennington Gallery in London, is set to open on the 7th of March.
After many trips back and forth from the United States to England he finally committed to fulfill his dream and made the US his home. Recently they offered him a place on the Masters Painting programme at the Royal College of Arts in London and he will be moving back in August of this year to attend.

“Some people may be surprised that I am from England. My family is from East-Side London but I grew up outside London and … my grandpa was my neighbour and he was into America, all the things Americana, he had an American car, watched westerns, cowboy boots… he bought my first pair of cowboy boots and I spent a lot of time with him. He was an aspirational figure for me. When I started making art I was drawing cause that it what I was excited about. “

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Through his paintings, he depicts a place created and imagined with a sense of romance and nostalgia. He then became interested in the idea of starting a dialogue between the imagined and real, to see what this new reality is and what he could create.
The meaning behind his creative output is to offer a window or moment into space where all the individual elements look like pieces in a puzzle.
The colourful and rocky desert landscapes of the Southwest represent a way of discovering the land and himself.
Webb channels this same energy in his own work by using formal qualities, like colour, to illustrate the ambience of the landscape turning into an emotional and mental land that has a value that is helping him to look out for himself.
The rocky landscape and the natural world are depicted as a mirror unto ourselves.

” Before moving to the USA, I was doing graffiti on canvas and much more figurative based realistic style and then I stayed in Joshua Tree for three months and that is where the colour came from.
Understanding colours and how to use them, I didn’t understand how and why I wanted to use colour til that moment. “

He is mainly focused on paintings but he also expresses himself through sculptural works, pottery, fashion brand collaborations and by designing record album covers. We are curious to see what is going to be next!

Tom Jean Web, A ghost still knows how to love,2021,Acrylic paint, crayon & graphite on canvas, oak frame,91.44 x 116.84 cm

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