Christoph Morlinghaus

These CPUs are hidden in electronic waste, forgotten, invisible, useless. As a form of recycling I opened them and an entire microcosmos, looking like a cityscape, becomes visible. Basically images of forgotten memory, images about cities and and a vague memory of them. The Computerwelt series is about making things visible with photography that otherwise would not be visible or go unnoticed. They are about what happens hidden behind the scenes in our daily lives, unseen but ubiquitous. It is a glimpse into the technology you take for granted, even as you’re staring at it right now. The final images give the opportunity to explore, stroll through them, get lost in them, take streets and avenues and discover details. They play with scale, too, of course. further sizes upon request: (unframed) 76,2 x 101,6 cm, edition 5+1AP 3,200€ net / 3,808€ gross 101,6 x 127 cm, edition 5+1AP 6,100€ net / 7,259€ gross 127 x 152,4 cm, edition 5+1AP 9,600€ net / 11,424€ gross 183 x 228,6 cm, edition 5+1AP 13,000€ net / 15,470€ gross