Carsten Beck Nielsen


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Carsten Beck is a visual artist, who was born in Denmark, like other prominent artists such as Bonazza Luigi, Nick Payne, Ahmad Siyar Qasimi, Lene Winther, and Johnny Otto.

The paintings are a mix of a geometric perspective in forms and shapes with a mathematicians attention to detail and high quality materials. The lines in his paintings creates a new object and a new formation that immediately fascinates and guides you to find comfort and relaxation. Carsten tells us: “The ideas behind my work, is an expression of the organic forms and shapes. My background into print making and photography gives me the options to see a new perspective in art. The simple lines that create a new object fascinates me, and force me to think of art in a new way through the simple lines. My big passion and inspiration for midcentury modern art, is something I feel a deep-rooted connection with”.