Rodrigo Morán Silva


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Rodrigo Moran( born in Valladolid,Spain in 1992) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin,Germany. Holding a Fine Arts degree from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and a global academic journey spanning South Korea, Colombia, and India, Rodrigo’s art is a testament to his innate curiosity and exploration about the essence of things”

Since a young age, he has shown a deep interest in discovering new cosmovisions and ways of understanding and relating to our environment, which has contributed to nourishing his artistic practices. His work is born from a metaphysical inquiry, and it aims to provide new prisms to perceive, experience, and understand our human realities in deeper and more comprehensive ways. Finding his biggest source of inspiration in natural and organic processes, Rodrigo uses a wide range of creative resources, with special focus on immersive and interactive installations that set the space to feel and percieve in new and powerful ways


2023_ “Vector Infinito” at Monopol. Berlin, Germany

2023_ Atelier Wochenende Reinckendorf, Berlin, Germany

2023_ Art installation for Garbicz festival, Garbicz, Poland

2023_ Art director for Moos Space.

2023_ Monopol. Berlin, Germany

2022_ “Moos open studios 2.0” at Moos Space. Berlin, Germany

2022_ MOOS Berlin. Berlin, Germany

2021_ Layout design and Audiovisual performance for Eigenklang audiovisual collective at Chateaux Perché

2021_ Art director at Anwesend Project, Pouilly Sur Vigneanne, France

2020_ Documentary film producer at Maharashtra Prabodhan Seva Mandal, Production of the experimental documentary “Soil and Water”

2019_ Visual performance for Eigenklang audiovisual collective at Katerblau, Berlin, Germany

2019_ “Materia” at Universidad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos. T4 Exhibition hall. Valencia, Spain