We are pleased to present our latest showroom, featuring works by Ricky Lee Gordon, Caroline Denervaud, Beatriz Morales, and Marcel Rozek at our gallery in Hamburg. To schedule a private viewing, please contact 

Ricky Lee Gordon is an artist and curator with a studio practice that sees him create natural landscapes on canvas using pigments and dyes found only in nature, a deeply personal process he likens to meditation for the manner in which it illuminates the interconnectedness of all life. Working under the aegis of painting nature with nature, he explores a variety of mediums, seeking harmony through the alchemy of materials and form in processes that include oxidizing plant dyes, batik printing with beeswax, cyanotypes, lithographs, copper and acid engraving, wood carving and brass casting.

Caroline Denervaud´s performance-based art reflects her studies in dance at the Laban Center in London and Fine Arts in Paris at Studio Bercot. Mimicking the natural curves and motions of her body, Denervaud describes her work as a play of connection, conversations and feeling. Her practice is also concerned with how colours meet and interact, guided by instinct emotion, music and interplay between balance and imbalance.

Beatriz Morales, born in 1981 in Mexico City, is an autodidact and multi-disciplinary artist, who combines an investigative, abstract-expressionist approach, at times combined with figurative and illustrative components, creating a concretely conceptualised body of work.

Marcel Rozek is an abstract artist interested in color relationships and the role of transparency in stain painting. Rozek uses a staining technique pioneered by the early abstractionists and Washington Color School artists to create his richly layered compositions. He aligns himself with these influential artists, most notably Morris Louis, while pushing beyond the successes of his predecessors and creating a new brand in the tree of color field painting. Rozek considers his work a reflection of himself with each piece carrying a unique message that changes for every viewer. How Rozek’s message translates is a rumination in the viewers own perspective.