Beatriz Morales


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Beatriz Morales, born in 1981 in Mexico City, is an autodidact and multi-disciplinary artist, whose practice encompasses painting, textile installations, and video. Following a series of international exhibitions, interest in her work has grown continuously and steeply over the past years. Her work has been shown at Museo de la Cancillería Mexico City, Museo MACAY Mérida, Museo Rufino Tamayo Mexico City, Kunsthalle Dessau, Drexel Galería, Heart Ego Gallery and Circle Culture Gallery Berlin, among others. Her paintings and installations are held in private collections in Mexico, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Canada, and the USA as well as featured in numerous print and online publications such as Morales` first major monography Color Archaeology published 2022 (by Kerber Verlag). Beatriz Morales lives and works in Berlin and Hidalgo, Mexico.