Color always had a crucial role in the visual arts. Throughout history, artists have incorporated color into their work for aesthetic reasons, to create a certain mood or to elicit specific emotions. The color blue in particular has captured the imagination of artists across centuries, and blue´s many shades have been used as a versatile and powerful tool in their creative arsenal. From the ancient Egyptians to 20th century´s greatest artists such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Rothko and Yves Klein, this hue continues to be an essential color in contemporary art, with artists using it to express their unique visions and perspectives.

KIND OF BLUE is on online group exhibition presented by Circle Culture Gallery, and curated by Johann von Haehling von Lanzenauer, that focuses on the intrinsic allure blue has for the viewer today. The online exhibition features works of Jonathan Todryk, Tom Jean Webb, Lennart Grau, Maria Wallenstal-Schoenberg, Marcel Rozek, Friederike Reveman, Nadine Lohof and Jeroen Broux.

Text written by Ana Horta