Aron Barath: “Melting Radiator” at Circle Culture Gallery Berlin

March 21. 2024 – 22. June 2024

Circle Culture Gallery Berlin is thrilled to present “Melting Radiator“ a solo exhibition featuring a new body of works by Aron Barath. Opening on the 21th of March, the exhibition invites viewers into a world where gestures become whispers, colors dance freely, and paintings embody the essence of fleeting moments.

Aron Barath, born in 1980 in Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia, is a Hungarian painter living and working in Budapest, Hungary. Renowned for his abstract artworks, Barath’s signature style is characterized by vibrant colors and the captivating qualities of paint as a substance.

Barath’s paintings offer a unique perspective, as if viewing the world through a windscreen blurred by the remnants of a self-clearing gesture. His loose, informal compositions evoke visions of musical improvisations, metaphorical attempts to clean a traditional blackboard, or the blurred surface of a window opening onto another dimension. Each piece encapsulates a sense of freedom and spontaneity, reflecting the artist’s innermost emotions and experiences.

In his recent works, Barath captures momentary situations and movements with delicate transparency, allowing viewers to witness the tension between the birth and death of each gesture. The fluid pools of paint record the last moment before dissolving, while parallel lines infuse the canvas with dynamism and direction, perpetuating a transitional moment full of tension and vitality. Bright contrasts give way to dissolved pastel colors, geometric structures disappear into subtle transitions, and forms become ethereal, blurring the boundaries between substance and light.

Through his mastery of color, Barath explores the essence of chromatic tonalities and their interplay with light. Each painting is a symphony of hues, meticulously balanced to evoke emotions and moods reminiscent of music. Barath’s technique, rooted in improvisation and experimentation with water-based materials, yields surprising results, infusing his works with a sense of freshness and vibrancy. Transparent layers of paint mingle to form new colors, creating a melting, pulsating effect that captivates the viewer’s gaze.

Since the start of the third decade of the 21st century, the rapid ascent of Barath´s career has become undeniable. Barath´s work has been shown in numerous galleries across Europe and North America and has been placed in international public and private collections, such as the National Bank of Hungary.