Anna Nezhnaya at Berlin Fashion Week

Artist Anna Nezhnaya and designer Litichevska collaborated for Berlin fashion week to bring us the “maison succubus” collection.

This collaboration seems to be a captivating exploration of female archetypes, blending the realms of art and fashion.

The central theme revolves around capturing the essence of powerful female archetypes, stylized as superheroes inspired by video games. The result is a visually stunning and immersive experience that celebrates the strength, beauty and uniqueness of the female spirit.

This has always been reflected in the neon works of Anna Nezhnaya. Often depicting reinterpretations of important female centered art historical works or the visualization of the oppression of the female form. With Berlin Fashion Week she has discovered yet a new medium for herself and as expected, excels at it.

One of the most notable designs, which also inspired the title of the collection is the neon work depicting vampire lips which can be found at the infamous Georgia Bar in the heart of Berlin. Frank Kuenster (art collector and owner of the Bar) came by in person to admire the collection.

Vampire lips at Georgia Bar in Berlin

Artist in her own designs by Litichevska

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