Anna Nezhnaya


In the works on view, I ruminate on feminine archetypes, prototypes constructed throughout art history, appropriated through my vision as a female artist. Female demons, semi-demons, and mythical creatures are the suppressed part of our civilization.

Depicted through neon glass or with intense glossy lacquer colors, those images, originated from digital drawings, conjure up our new reality of shifting away from civilizational screen pressures, while still staying true to our addiction to light and glass aesthetics. I am mesmerized with neon and attempting to grasp why. Maybe, because neon is the ultimate prototype of a screen, just arrested in its basic feature. I love the colors, the perfection of glass, the fragility.


Anna Nezhnaya (Moscow, 1987) lives and works in Berlin since 2016. With her background as a trained graphical artist from the Moscow State University for Printing Arts and Graphics, Anna explores traditional images in contemporary settings. For Anna, digital drawing is the perfect connection to light art, serving as studies for her neon sculptures. Light plays a major role in her works as she is developing experimental ways to create surface structure with new painting techniques. She reflects on the topic of grotesque feminism, exploring images of femaleness in terms of mysticism and metaphor.