ARTE Info Plus visited Beatriz Morales in her Berlin studio and at the Positions Art Fair 2023. This feature focuses on her unique artistic practice which makes use of the natural agave plant and pre-Hispanic dyeing techniques in order to reconnect with nature, history and culture.

As a Berlin-based Mexican artist with Lebanese ancestors, she investigates multinational and cross-cultural realities of being and expression. Her approach is amplified in the interplay of ruralism and urbanism, where each part serves as a constant backdrop to contextualize the other. Morales approaches nature not only as a source of pigments and fibers, but also as a natural habitat for her installations, which, presented in nature, blend in seamlessly with the surroundings that inspire them. Art and nature reflect and complement each other, the boundaries between natural organic presence and abstract composition dissolve.

Her stunning works have been exhibited with Circle Culture for several Group and Solo shows and captivated visitors every time. This feature offers a unique insight into the work process, philosophy and development of the artist and her art itself. The full video can be found on ARTE under the link below and is also available in French.

Director and presenter: Olivera Tornau 

Camera: Marco Berger

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