Together with Kerber Verlag, Circle Culture Gallery, the Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation an d Stiftung Kunstfonds, we are excited to present the first major book publication by Beatriz Morales, framed by a solo exhibition of extraordinary new work. For more information, please contact: Benjamin Zombori / / 0176 433 90 212 / WhatsApp: +43 664 4242489





Circle Culture Gallery presents Farbarchäologie, the first major solo exhibition by Mexican artist Beatriz Morales in Berlin. The exhibtion shows a cross a cross-section of Morales’ intriguing, multi-faceted and timely work, in which sweepingly confident abstract gestures meet a versatile approach to textile art techniques. Experiencing the contrast between textures of raw, natural fiber in Morales’ art, and surfaces that allude to the tactility of urban decay, we are invited to explore a unique artistic vision spanning Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East.


Presented in association with Zombori Art Media and the Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation, the exhibition marks the publication of Color Archaeology, the first major monograph on Beatriz Morales, published by Kerber.


Beatriz Morales’ multi-layered aesthetic is deeply informed by her Mexican and Lebanese heritage as well as her life and work between Berlin and Mexico City. She explores questions of identity – personal and societal – on small to medium size canvases like her ongoing series Sounds I’ll Never Hear, Ruin Porn (represented here as an Untitled series of work) and new works from the cycle Atmospheres, as well as large to monumentally sized installation pieces, often presented in natural contexts.


Farbarchäologie features three of Morales’ massive eye-catching signature agave fiber works Ts’ul II, III and IV, large scale conceptual installations consisting almost entirely of variously processed agave cactus fiber. Like bursts of raw nature in the gallery context, these works are draped like gigantic hides of untamable, mythical creatures. The immediate aesthetic impact of these works paves the way to Morales’ deeply rich, conceptually charged visual and haptic language, which elegantly integrates the archaic and the refined to masterful effect.


Morales experienced a steep increase of interest in her work following several institutional exhibitions in Mexico, notably a monumental 750 m2 installation KAAN / KIHAAB (2021) at the Museo MACAY in Mérida, Yucatán and a solo exhibition at the Chancellery Museum in Mexico City (2020).





Born and raised in Mexico City, Beatriz Morales developed her skills auto-didactically from an early age. The artist left her native country in 2001 to undertake formal studies in painting, pottery and fashion design. In her work, Morales combines an abstract expressionist approach with figurative and illustrative components, as well as a strong dimension of research into colour relationships. Beatriz Morales lives and works in Berlin.



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