Profile of Jonathan Yeo in the New York Times

Jonathan Yeo is one of the world’s leading figurative artists, known for his portraits of Monarchs, Celebrities and Politicians alike. The New York Times has now published a profile on the outstanding artist and his newest work depicting King Charles III.

Keep reading for the full article and a brief recounting of Yeos history with Circle Culture.


Jonathan Yeo is an artist that has left his mark on the world. He is known for his outstanding portraits of, among others, Malala Yousafzai, Sophia Loren, Damien Hirst and of course his unorthodox depiction of George W. Bush.

Installation view of ‘Bush’ by Jonathan Yeo as part of his 2012 solo exhibition at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin

The portrait titled Bush, was made in 2007 after an official commission to paint the then President of the United States, George W. Bush fell through. Yeo took this as an opportunity to branch out from his usual oil paintings and created a collage constructed entirely of cutouts from pornographic magazines. After Lazarides unveiled this work in London a new phase in Yeo’s portraiture was initiated.

‘Sienna pregnant’ by Jonathan Yeo

In 2012 his infamous portrait of the pregnant Sienna Miller was shown for the first time at Circle Culture Gallery Berlin as part of his solo show (I’ve Got You) Under My Skin. Yeo noticed that many people are still uncomfortable with the appearance of pregnancy and that images of naked and expectant mothers are rarely seen. Through this work he wanted to create an image that symbolizes the human body in its most natural beauty.

This first exhibition lead to an ongoing collaboration between the artist and Circle Culture Gallery, culminating in a second solo show, titled Exposure in Hamburg in 2015.

Installation view of ‘Exposure’ at Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg in 2015

Jonathan Yeo has since experimented with different mediums and the uses of technology in Art which even lead him to work on design projects for Apple in the following years. His most recent portraits show David Attenborough, Giancarlo Esposito and now King Charles III.


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