Jonathan Yeo


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Jonathan Yeo is one of the best-known portrait painters in the world, exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London. His subjects have included Damien Hirst, Nicole Kidman, Dennis Hopper, Tony Blair, and Erin O’Connor amongst others.

In 2002 Yeo’s photorealist paintings for Theo Fennell were pulled from US magazines for their graphic nudity. The next year he caused uproar at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters by showcasing a full frontal nude painting of Ivan Massow. Despite this, HRH Queen Elizabeth II requested Yeo to paint a portrait of leading BBC broadcaster David Attenborough for The Royal Collection. In 2007, after a Presidential commission was cancelled, Yeo created a collage of George W Bush made entirely from pornographic magazine cuttings, which garnered international acclaim and controversy in equal measure. His most recent portrait of King Charles III sparked divisive opinions among viewers and critics alike. While some praised its regal elegance, others criticized its modern approach as controversial and deemed it unfitting as a representation for the British monarchy.

The National Portrait Gallery, London describes Yeo’s work as a combination of “photographic realism and a painterly touch.” Dennis Hopper described it as “timeless and exquisite”. Yeo’s work has been honoured with a solo show at the National Portrait Gallery, London in Autumn 2013.

Jonathan Yeo (*1970 in London) lives and works in London.