Fiete Stolte


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The Berlin artist Fiete Stolte (*1979, Berlin) studied at the Weissensee School of Art under Karin Sander. As part of his studies, Stolte developed his own time system, according to which he has lived and worked for a long time since graduating in 2007.

In this time calculation, the week counts eight days and a day 21 hours instead of 24. His artwork “8 Day Week Clock” from 2007 can be seen as a clock or measuring device for this division of time. Stolte is well aware of the absurdity of this structural change, in which nothing is gained. Nevertheless, he sensed a qualitative change through the altered structure. In the meantime, the artistic approach of time economy that used to run through his work has become a personal space, a kind of refuge.

His works, which are mainly about questioning and thinking differently about reality can be found in the Museum Morsbroich, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei and the Reykjavik Art Museum and have also been shown at the Moscow Biennal for Young Art, Art Berlin Contemporary, Art Basel and at the Venice Biennale. Most recently his works have been shown at the Boras Art Biennale in Sweden.