Jamie Oliver X Circle Culture

An extraordinary collaboration with Jamie Oliver, the renowned British chef and well-known television personality. This partnership has developed into an innovative artistic project that integrates art, food and interior design at his newest location in Berlin Mitte.

The unique partnership has developed into an innovative artistic project that integrates art, food and interior design at his newest location in Berlin Mitte.

For this project we integrated works of Beatriz Morales, Marco Reichert, Alex Giles, Aron Barath and Fiete Stolte into the stunning interior which was designed by the architecture studio OOW.

The exclusivity of presentation of works of art in solely museums and galleries has been a hotly debated topic in recent times. Thanks to the growing presence of art in public and private spaces such as restaurants, hotels, and urban places, it is no longer necessary to only visit institutions to experience artworks and culture. Thus art becomes more accessible and integrated into everyday life, allowing a wider audience to enjoy works of art in less formal and more frequent contexts. This movement can be witnessed internationally with spaces showing a growing interest in being able to enhance their concepts through art. Dirk Staudinger, the founder of Circle Culture Gallery, states his vision and intent behind bringing works of art into public spaces:

“I truly believe that artists should not only be seen in a white cube/ gallery space. Artworks need the dialogue with all kinds of environments. Here this symbiosis with the interior truly succeeded, giving the art their space to breathe. The fact that Jamie is an art lover itself, with one of our exhibiting artists Jonathan Yeo having painted a self portrait of him and his wife, makes this collaboration even more „natural“.


During his visit for the grand opening of his restaurant in Berlin Jamie Oliver remarked on the transformation of the concept of dining by combining art, design, and gastronomy. 

Coming full circle, art, food, and design converge in a seamless experience. Interior design, crafted with every attention to detail and love, complements the central focus on the food. But it is not just about the dishes; it’s about the atmosphere and the collaboration that engage all the senses.

The space itself was designed by Berlin architecture studio OOW, who made use of virtual reality to plan and design the restaurant. Their attention to detail and use of fine materials makes the space come together for a unique dining experience.

As fans of Jamie Oliver, it was an honor for us to design his first restaurant in Germany. The result is a place in a class of its own with a spectacular view of Berlin’s highlights. This is where Scandinavian lightness meets Portuguese joie de vivre. The development is also special: we are using virtual reality, a technology that massively accelerates all processes – a blueprint for the design of future restaurant properties.

 Mathis Malchow (OOW)

Thoughts and impressions were happily exchanged with Jamie Oliver himself during the opening night of his restaurant in Berlin. Incredible creative synergy was fostered together with his team and the OOW Berlin architecture studio. The innovative architectural vision was brought by OOW Berlin, creating a space that is not just a restaurant but a true sensory experience. The environment was enriched with contemporary artworks, making each visit unique and stimulating. This fusion of talents has given rise to a place where quality food and aesthetic beauty meet, offering customers an unforgettable experience.

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